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We’re excited to showcase, Chalkstring, our all-in-one platform for managing project financials. Developed just for specialist subcontractors, like you, Chalkstring streamlines how you manage project commercials across every stage of a construction contract, from tender to final account.

In our action-packed, live demonstrations, you will see how our proven solution enables you to:


  • Apply defined processes & standardised documentation across your business
  • Always have a real-time 360° view of project commercials
  • Ensure compliance with quality procedures to support ISO accreditation
  • Control and analyse spend better, eliminating over-ordering & overpaying
  • Make informed decisions confidently, at both project & business level

    Our resident Chalkstring expert with over 20 year’s in construction, Barry Chapman, will explore how our software simplifies what are often complex project cost management activities, including job estimating, procurement, cost reports and more. From seeing live demonstrations of Chalkstring, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how our cost management software will transform your business.

    You’ll also hear from Sarah Crawford, our software implementation specialist. With over 15 years’ experience in construction software, she’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly, and will share insights on how you can select the right technology for your business and ensure adoption is a success.




14:15 - Introducing Chalkstring
See Chalkstring, our ground-breaking all-in-one cloud-based platform for estimating, procurement, cost reporting and more. Developed for specialist subcontractors, it streamlines how you manage project financials across every stage of a construction contract, from tender to final account. Chalkstring gives you a structured framework to control project costs, resulting in fewer errors, increased efficiency and more profitable business growth.


14:30 - Spreadsheets in construction: Friend or Foe?
According to Forbes, “88% of all spreadsheets have "significant" errors in them”, hence it begs the question: in this digital world where construction software exists, why is there a dependency on uncontrolled spreadsheets to deliver multimillion projects? And importantly, what is the impact/risk of over-reliance on these spreadsheets? We’ll explore how spreadsheets can leave construction projects open to risk and subcontractors out of pocket.


15:00 - How to create winning & profitable tenders, fast.
See Chalkstring’s many powerful features, designed to help specialist subcontractors quickly generate competitive supply & fit bids. See how you can:

  • Import bills, take-off quantities & use templates to quickly define project scope
  • Access a personalised database of supplier rates to price jobs swiftly
  • Create professional tender documentation, material/labour bills & budgets


15:30 - Making remote working work
Remote working is on the rise, in an industry sector that isn’t historically well-equipped for it. We’ll recap our industry’s experience of remote working during the ongoing pandemic and explore how subcontractors can use software tools to enable efficient remote working, while not compromising on project delivery.


15:45 - Practical ways to investigate new technologies
The pandemic has ignited a noticeable shift towards technology within construction, but what does this mean in practice and how can subcontractors capitalise on this? We’ll offer guidance on how you can identify which technology will be a game changer for your business.

1600    How to streamline procurement
Do you buy materials based on gut feel? Is it difficult to reconcile invoices against orders and delivery notes? Are you wasting profit through over ordering, over paying and unnecessary waste? If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, you NEED to join this session and see how Chalkstring enables you to:

  • Collaborate efficiently, by using one system for all purchases, deliveries & invoices
  • Eliminate ordering materials based on gut feel & paying suppliers on trust
  • Easily analyse budgets, spend, accruals, rebates & more, using real-time reports


16:30 - Living the dream. Best practice for software implementation.
You’ve been sold the dream. You’ve invested in a great software package that’s set to transform your organisation for the better. But what next? We’ll share practical advice, guidance and tips & tricks on software implementation. Exploring training, change management, internal communications, business processes and more, you’ll leave with the tools to introduce software into your business effectively.


17:00 - How to speed up valuations
Prior to using Chalkstring, a client told us that creating valuations and applications took a whole week out of every month. Our software reduced that to 1 day. See how Chalkstring eliminates the admin burden associated with creating monthly valuations, enabling you to:

  • Record live progress onsite & download detailed reports for substantiation
  • Produce valuations instantly, including accrued costs, work in progress & variations
  • Generate applications for payment in one click, including all materials onsite


17:30 - Take the guesswork out of running your business
Critical project and business decisions are often made based on a combination of incomplete data and ‘gut feel’. Sound familiar? If better systems and processes were adopted, business owners could make sound operational and strategic decisions confidently, knowing the data upon which the decision is based, is accurate – i.e. they could make data-driven decisions. Join us and learn how software enables subcontractors to replace gut-feel decisions with informed data-driven decisions.


17:45 - Pushing the boundaries: How technology improved project margin
Featuring a real-life case study, we’ll explore how Chalkstring, our project cost management software, enabled a contractor to uplift project margin by 5+% and achieve a massive reduction in financial project administration.


18:00 - Have a 360° view of all LIVE project commercials
Forget pulling information from multiple sources to produce monthly reports. Simply use one system to give you accurate, real-time insight. We’ll demonstrate how Chalkstring, our all-in-one platform for managing project financials, enables you to use real-time insights to make critical project & business decisions without delay. You’ll see how Chalkstring tracks projected revenues, margins, costs-to-complete & other KPIs for all projects, alongside our powerful live project performance reports, eliminating the need for manual Cost Value Reconciliations.


18:30 - Q&A
Visited our booth this afternoon and want to find out more? This is the ideal time to pose your questions to Barry and Sarah.


18:45 - Looking to the future
We’ll recap on themes covered during today’s exciting event and explore what’s next for the contract flooring trade and construction technology.









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