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MeasureSquare supports thousands of flooring businesses across the globe, its offices are located in North America, United Kingdom, and Australia/New Zealand. Established in 2001 MeasureSquare started of a simple solution to produce floorplans for Dr Steven Wangs wife, who has spent many years in the flooring industry in the USA. Over the past twenty years, MeasureSquare flooring estimation software suite has revolutionised the flooring industry, what used to take weeks now takes hours, what used to take hours now takes minutes. We look forward to demonstrating and answering any questions at this year’s live CFJ flooring EXPO.




6:00 am PST - 14:00 GMT - 14:30  M8 Desktop Presentation (Nigel)
6:30 am PST - 14:30 GMT - 15:00  QA General All Moderators 
7:00 am PST - 15:00 GMT - 15:30 Jobtraka Presentation (James
7:30 am PST - 15:30 GMT - 15:40 QA with James All
8:00 am PST - 16:00 GMT - 16:30 M2 iPad Demonstration (Nigel)
8:30 am PST - 16:30 GMT - 16:50 QA All Moderators 
9:00 am PST - 17:00 GMT - 17:30 M8 Desktop Presentation (Nigel)
9:30 am PST - 17:30 GMT - 18:00 QA General All Moderators
10:10 am PST - 18:10 GMT - 18:30 PropertyLink Demonstration (Jim)
10:30 am PST - 18:30 GMT - 18:40 QA M8 M2 PropertyLink All
11:00 am PST - 19:00 GMT - 19:30 FloorLink (Nigel)
11:30 am PST - 18:30 GMT - 19:00 QA Floorlink All



Meet the team


Nigel Welsh: Managing Direct MeasureSquare Ltd & Managing Director Laser Measure Australia Pty Ltd
With over fifteen years of experience building a client base across Australia & New Zealand and United Kingdom, Nigel has implemented MeasureSquare across all types and sizes of flooring business from an individual family run flooring company to national chains.


Dr Steven Wang: President of MeasureSquare Corporation Pasadena California, United States.
The architect of MeasureSquare, Dr Steven Wang, with his team of expert developers has expanded MeasureSquare Corporation’s estimation suite over the past twenty years, recognised as the number one planning and estimation software for residential and commercial flooring companies.


Jim Riherd VP Operations
Jim has been with the team for over five years now, he runs a tight ship providing expert guidance to the team with day-to-day operations and development of MeasureSquare. Jim has a great knowledge of all things MeasureSquare.


CFJ’s online flooring Expo will be the perfect venue for anyone interested in how MeasureSquare can revolutionise their business.

  • Attend a MeasureSquare flash online demonstration of the company’s commercial take-off system, recognised as the number one estimation platform for flooring businesses around the globe.
  • Checkout MeasureSquare’s mobile residential measuring, planning, estimation and quoting Applications, used by thousands of flooring salespeople every day.
  • Learn how MeasureSquare’s cloud-based systems, seamlessly integrate with project management solutions, track moisture readings, track project completion rates, schedule installation teams, instantly communicate with your project teams via ServiceX messenger application.
  • Instant access to interviews with MeasureSquare users commercial and retail.



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