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Redefining Flooring with Built-In Antimicrobial Technology
Did you know, 1 in 2 adults now admit to being concerned about bacterial growth on flooring?* And with good reason. A study conducted by the University of Alabama revealed 96% of shoes were contaminated with faecal bacteria, and the transfer rate from flooring to uncontaminated surfaces was over 90%. Add in food spills, cleaning lapses and a variety of other factors and it’s not surprising that floors are a source of anxiety for consumers. That’s why Microban partners with manufacturers worldwide to create smarter antimicrobial flooring solutions and related ancillary products.


For over 35 years, Microban International has been developing advanced technologies that continuously eliminate bacterial growth on surfaces by up to 99.99%. Our built-in antimicrobial solutions are engineered into flooring products at the stage of manufacture, delivering 24/7 surface protection that will not wash off or wear away. Global expertise and a history of success have helped Microban foster trailblazing partnerships with multiple flooring companies including Panariagroup, Keraben Grupo, Dongpeng, Mannington Mills, and many more.


Microban experts will be educating CFJ Live delegates on how to redefine flooring with built-in antimicrobial technology. Our presentations will cover compatible additives, methods for testing antimicrobial performance, and global regulatory considerations. Microban will also explore common flooring applications - from ceramic tiles and laminates to carpets and LVT - and the antimicrobial technologies you should avoid.









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