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Progress Profiles is delighted to participate in the first CFJ Online Flooring EXPO. We are recognised as a world-wide leader for our profiles/trims manufacturing and our professional range of systems to facilitate the installation of tiles and softcover. With more than 15,000 products available in multiple finishes, we are able to combine functionality and design to create the perfect match for any environment. We stay attuned to market needs and contemporary architecture to optimise laying and fixing and to ensure that functionality meets aesthetics for every residential, commercial and private setting both indoors and outdoors.

At the event we will be presenting a selection of trims, available in over 100 wood finishes, specifically designed to connect and complete wooden and laminate floors. Followed by an introduction to our range of skirting/baseboards, in aluminium, PVC to stainless steel, and guidance on how to combine it with our stair nosing trims. We will conclude the presentation with the product launch of our newly released Prodeso Drain System, a decoupling/drainage/waterproofing membrane for ceramic tiles and the Prodeso Heat Grip membrane, an electrical underfloor heating system.

Our technical department, tiling instructor and specification manager will be on hand throughout the virtual event to provide live demonstrations and answer all of your questions.





2:00 Introduction 


2.15 Proinsert System – Universal trim system used to connect and complete wooden and laminate floors 


2:45 Promultifix – Patented multipurpose profiles for laying wooden, laminate and LVT floors


3:15 LVT Profiles - Wide range of LVT profiles for every type of vinyl floor.


3:45 Wood Finishes – Over 90 colours and finishes to accommodate every need


4:00 Global Trim - Aluminium range of versatile trims 


4:15 Skirting – The widest range of skirting in the market, from Aluminium to Stainless steel and PVC


5:00 Stair Nosing Trims – Range of different designs and functions to protect nosing and hide joints between tread and riser.


5:30 Prodeso Heat Grip & Heat Stick – An electric and cost effective way to warm up your house, easily applicable through a layer of adhesive on the back.


6:00 Prodeso Drain – Uncoupling/Drainage/Waterproofing membrane designed for large format tiles to quickly dry the adhesive underneath avoiding the tiles to crack


7:00 Closing Remarks



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