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About ProKnee®

Since 1989, ProKnee® has been servicing the needs of flooring installation and other construction professionals by offering a complete line of custom made custom fit kneepads. Proudly manufactured in the USA with over 7 patents granted referencing kneepads, 2 referencing construction tools specializing in floor covering installation (the Treadman Multi Angle Stair Tread Cutting System and the GoofProof Wall Trimmer) and 4 more pending, ProKnee’s dedication to innovation is exemplified by their constant improvement of form, fit and function.
After 32 years, ProKnee® has grown into THE #1 KNEEPAD that professionals in the USA, Canada and around the world prefer.



ProKnee® will be presenting:

ProKneeׇ® Corporation is excited to connect with our UK installers at the first ever CFJ Online Flooring EXPO. We will be unveiling our new Grab ‘N Go Display that hosts ProKnee’s complete line of kneepads, tools and accessories for the floor covering, industrial roofing and general construction industries.


Be sure to check out our live demos featuring:


  • 0714® vs AP16® kneepad on-person comparisons
  • How to accurately measure for your custom fit Model 0714 professional grade kneepads
  • Quick, accurate and easiest methods of trimming direct glue-down & inflexible carpets perfect the first time with the ProKnee GoofProof® WallTrimmer
  • See the Treadman® Multi Angle Stair Tread Cutting System in action
  • And more!


Plus don’t miss our information sessions on the engineering principles behind our knee pad design that make it an ergonomic solution for the user's current knee conditions as well as a preventative solution to preserving their knee health.


Join Jordan Richards Abbott, ProKnee’s Marketing Director, who will be available on the site’s live chat feature to answer any 1 on 1 questions, and Jay Abbott, ProKnee’s Sales Account Manager, who will be demoing all ProKnee products live and reacting to any live demo requests. We are looking forward to conferring with field specialists on any and all ProKnee or industry related topics!


For more information on our products, please visit us at
To purchase any of our products, please visit or visit our UK Floormart rep in Leicester.










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