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Protec International Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Temporary Protection Materials, designed to prevent accidental damage and costly repairs to finished floor surfaces.


For over 28 years, we have been working in partnership with our customers to understand the challenges they face on site, designing and developing innovative new protection solutions that stand up to even the most demanding of site conditions.


We are also proud to be the only manufacturer and supplier that can offer a complete Closed Loop solution to our customers diverting site waste from incineration and landfill. We are able to take back used Proplex sheets into our integrated, UK based, recycling and manufacturing facility. Here we guillotine, remove excess dirt and contaminants from the waste; shred, wash, dry then reprocess the used sheets into raw materials that goes straight back into our manufacturing cycle. A complete ClosedLoop solution, the Proplex ClosedLoop Re-manufacturing Scheme.


We are proud that our sheets are manufactured using post-consumer waste. And as the only ClosedLoop manufacturer, recycler and supplier of twin-wall Temporary Protection in the world, when you choose Proplex, you’re not just choosing great protection… You’re helping reduce the global plastic waste problem... start being part of the solution and earn BREEAM credits.









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