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Protimeter have been designing and manufacturing high quality moisture meters and hygrometers since the mid-1950s.  These instruments are widely used by surveyors, builders and flooring contractors to measure moisture levels in buildings and to diagnose the causes of dampness-related problems.
In flooring, moisture meters and hygrometers are used to determine if sub-floors are dry enough for decorative floors to be installed.  If floor coverings are installed on damp sub-floors there is considerable risk of premature failure that can be very expensive and time-consuming to resolve.  It is essential, therefore, to check that sub-floors are sufficiently dry prior to floor laying.


Nigel Burford joined the UK Protimeter team in March 2021 as sales account manager for Protimeter in Europe and Asia.  Nigel is a mechanical engineer with experience in building and fluid dynamics.  He will be supported at this year’s Expo by Philip Leach who has been involved with Protimeter for over 25 years.


Together, Nigel and Philip will demonstrate how Protimeter instruments can be used to assess the moisture condition of sub-floors.  They will introduce the key concepts of moisture measurement in floors and provide information about some exciting new products that will make the flooring installation process more reliable.




1 hour looping live presentation:

0 - 5 min: Introductions
5 - 20: Contact and non-contact moisture meters
20 – 35:  Environmental humidity meters
35 – 45: New Product Introductions
45 – 55: Q&A
55 – 60: Re-orientation













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