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Meet Gill Finch of at the CFJ Expo 2021. Learn about their award-winning products to protect your flooring, your business and your health. Win exciting prized, plus, gain expert insights and trade sales secrets to earn extra £££s. 



  • Win a free 300-word professionally written article about your business in our prize draw.
  • Win the Move-it Pad Challenge: Become the Super Slider of 2021, winning the coveted trophy.



  • See award-winning protection products in action
  • See how to protect your floor with self-adhesive felt or longer-lasting glides.
  • See flooring and furniture repair kits to save a fortune on French polishing.
  • Take part in interactive Q&As



  • Discover expert insights to protect your floor.
  • Learn the tricks of the trade to gain profitable add-on sales in-store and online.
  • Discover the hidden secrets that cement customer loyalty.
  • See how to save £1000s with simple solutions from just 1p.



  • Safeguard your flooring from increasing wear and tear as more people work from home.
  • Save £1000s in repair bills or costly insurance claims.
  • Save your back by moving flooring simply, swiftly and safely.

Visit for more details of protection products and the competitions.





  • 2pm-7pm On the hour: Demos and videos of our products in action


  • 2.15pm-7.15pm On the quarter hour: Questions and Answers


  • 2.30pm-7.30pm On the half hour: Move-it Pad challenge:

“Become the Super Slider of Expo 2021”.  
Who will be our first ever winner of the Super Slider trophy?
Register now to enter at:


  • 2.45pm, 7.45pm Competition Time: Many prizes to be won.


  • 8pm Winners & Prizes announced










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