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Reforestation, the mission to grow the UK’s forests
We are constantly being told about the dreadful deforestation happening throughout the world.  Rain Forests are disappearing and vast areas are having their natural habitats destroyed in favour of mono crops.  In this uplifting video we interview the managing director of Gone West.  Gone West are on a mission to replant the world’s forests; creating biodiverse environments for future generations; they’ve planted over four million trees since 2013!  We’ll hear about the how we can all help at this critical point to make the Earth a happier, healthier place for ourselves and our children.  


The Solid Wood Flooring Company has pledged to plant four Oak trees for every tree we use; that’s around 4,000 Oak trees every year.  


Not only does this offset our material usage in the production of our products and work towards a tangible sustainable process, but it massively reduces carbon footprint, the benefits of which are passed on to our clients.





2:30pm How can Wood Flooring be Sustainable?

3:00pm Introducing Porcelain Tiles by Impervia

3:30pm Reforestation, the mission to grow the UK’s forests

4:00pm Impervia Composite Flooring, Healthy Flooring that is perfect for RetroFirst

4:30pm Decoding Terms. Construction Type, Woods Grading and Finishes

5:00pm Supply Chain. How we can deliver consistent high-quality flooring to multiple large developments









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