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Ter Hürne GmbH is pleased to announce its participation in this exciting new event. This will be hosted from our UK showspace and the new design centre at our factory in Germany. All of us have had to get used to doing things a little differently and this event will be a great opportunity to experience the Ter Hürne product portfolio and refreshing approach to the market.


We will be showcasing our products in the following categories : Engineered Wood, Laminate, LVT and Smart Floors, products that have been performing well for our business in the UK project market.


Ter Hürne approach the market differently and we hope to find kindred spirts at the event who are looking to work in a closer partnership with a comprehensive manufacturing brand. Our product line up has never been stronger in each category with colour, design and texture fully supported by German quality engineering.


Our family business has a personal touch firmly rooted in the wood industry yet embracing new technology and materials, whilst retaining sustainability and nature at the heart of everything we do.


We look forward to presenting DURECO our wood based “smart floor”, along with AVATARA 3 a non PVC polymer smart flooring system with its stunning realism and performance criteria.


Our beautifully crafted Engineered Wood Floors encompass the old favourites as well as introducing the latest colour trends and fashion styles. Our Laminate collections have recently been re-worked with great new decors, surface features and colourations.


Our bio-based ( Soya Bean ) LVT collection has been fully re-worked and boasts a great array of stylish design, natural looks and high performance whilst doing all we can to achieve sustainability goals.
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